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(Un)doing Marxism from the Outside

Anjan Chakrabarti

The essay’s focus is on the outside. The urgency of rethinking an outside to (global) capitalism
stems from the need for critical reflection on two sets of ideas incumbent upon the South: one set
marked by globality and the other marked by a continuum of terms such as “local,” “third
world,” and “pre-capital.” Such a critical reflection takes the essay to a rethinking of the
given script of Marxism from the outside, reengaging with advanced Marxian reflections on
questions of “hegemony” and psychoanalytic exegeses on questions of “foreclosure”
(verwerfung). Interrogation of extant theorizations on hegemony and foreclosure lead both to
more abstract considerations on the Lacanian symbolic and the real and also to apparently
more concrete reflections on “global capitalism” and its outside: the “world of the third.”
Other than defamiliarizing the given script of capitalist development, this has the potential to
open up new avenues to think of politics and subject.
Article in Rethinking Marxism 28(2):276-294 · June 2016
DOI: 10.1080/08935696.2016.1172799

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