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The Basic Conservative Principles

Michael Spence
The basic “Conservative Principles” are the core existence of every true conservative. We live and defend these principles every day we are alive. Conservative principles are not fluid nor are they amendable. They do not change with the times. They are set in stone, unchanging and steadfast. They are the cornerstone and the foundation of this great nation and are displayed brilliantly in our founding documents.

Faith in God is the most important principle. God provides the moral stability that every standard of conduct is based. The Holy Bible is basically the owner’s manual to life. People without it are lost. In order to act properly in a civilized society you must believe in a higher power greater than yourself in judgment. The Founding Fathers were Christians and believed that everything they had, or were ever going to have, was a gift from God, not to be denied any man by government or anyone else. Using inspiration from God’s word they crafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, both of which boldly display the irrefutable influence of the “creator”.

Your word is paramount in this world. A true Conservative would never let their honor come into question. Personal accountability is never an issue. You do what you promise to do and expect the same from others. You live by example always. If you sign your name on the dotted line you complete your contract. It’s as simple as that. You pay your bills and do the things that might be more difficult at the time but give you the satisfaction in the long run that you have what you have because you worked for it. You honor your family by protecting your honor. You always remember that your honor is a reflection not just on yourself but also everything and everyone you associate with. Real wealth is not what number shows up next to your name on a bank account receipt, but rather how respected your honor is in the eyes of others, friend of foe. Honor will give you confidence and drive to achieve all that you can achieve. A true Conservative is honorable as a way of life.

This one is dear to my heart. For any American not to feel proud when they hear the “Star Spangled Banner” or see the Flag waving in the wind is not a Patriot in my eyes. I know they are just symbols, but they are symbols of the greatest nation humans have ever produced. Americans now are enjoying the fruits of labor of 233 years, and generations of blood, sweat, and tears of American ancestry before them. A lot of respect is due the Founders and ancestors before us, just as alot of responsibility lies on our shoulders to pass on the Founders vision to the next generation. As a Patriot you believe that our country, created by the Declaration of Independence and governed by the Constitution is just, and does not need change from the vision of the Founders.

These are the very basic principles of Conservatism. Some people will mention “small government” or the “pro-life” stance etc. These too are conservative principles but they fall into the basic three. I will cover all of those subjects as well on this blog.

There are people that will not like my choices of the “Basic Conservative Principles”. Some have told me that they are too broad or are too deep. I do not know what they mean by this. Basic means basic. I am starting out at the foundation. Faith, Honor, and Patriotism are the true basic principles of Founding Father Conservatism. Everything truly Conservative originates from these three just as everything in government must originate from the founding documents.

I also have some tell me that “Faith” is not a necessity to be a Founding Father Conservative. I say they are wrong. While there were some atheists and agnostics that helped the Revolution, the men that wrote our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were men of faith. They believed that God gave us our rights, not men and certainly not government. If you do not believe me read the opening line of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Everyone in the world has read this.

—- “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.—-

It couldn’t be more clear than that. There is no way to reconcile Conservative principles in the vision of the Founders with a rejection of God. I do not judge atheists and agnostics. I pray they find God someday and still welcome their help in defeating the Godless left. The Basic Conservative Principles are a code of life for me that is best explained by my creed at the top of this blog; God, Family, and America. Nothing else matters!


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