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Racism From A Conservative View

Michael Spence

President Obama is black…… So what! There is not one God fearing, Jesus loving, self confident, true Conservative that cares about that. In fact, I and every other true Conservative is very happy that black parents can now prove to their children that they too can be President or anything else for that matter. Why is race always such an issue then? Why is it that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will fly around the country to stick up for black kids that beat a white kid, but would vilify white kids that beat up a black kid? Shouldn’t we all condemn the beating of anyone? Why is it that any racist hatred is allowed to go unchallenged if the perpetrator is of a perceived lower social class? Whatever happened to judging someone by the content of their character rather than the melatonin in their skin?

Negative emotions happen in everyone from time to time, we’re human, it’s natural. It is how you channel those emotions that shows how confident or how insecure you are. Conservatives are confident by definition because faith in God and Jesus Christ do not allow for judgments based on class or color. A Conservative notices the differences in people and wonders what they can learn from that person’s experiences. An insecure person looks at a person that is different and feels fear and focuses on what they could lose in an interaction with them.

Fear is the most powerful motivator known to man. The left have used it masterfully to manipulate the bulk of the black population and every other minority group in America for quite a while. Forty five years ago the Civil Rights Bill was passed on a wave of “hope and change” for black people. People forget or never learned that the same Civil Rights bill had been introduced a number of times by Republicans only to be stopped by Democrats. They almost succeeded in filibustering the last time but thankfully were unsuccessful. To me it was passed a hundred years too late, but thankfully it was passed and now everyone can excel without worrying about their skin color.

Sadly, from the minute that Martin Luther King was murdered the poverty pimps found their niche and set off controlling the Black population for personal and political gain using race as the battering ram to divide us. Black people had always been Republican, the party that stood for the Founding documents that stated “all men are created equal”, but the new Black “leaders” would lead them down a nasty path of pain and destruction. In nearly every story told there is a good guy and a bad guy and for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, White people were easy targets for the descendants of Black slaves. Both men have made fortunes on it. Both will also claim to have spent years working hard for the rights of Black people when in reality they have helped keep the Black people down and in the corner for the left.

The insidious message that these people have preached for years is that no matter how hard you try, “White America” is going to somehow pull the rug out from underneath you. “Just another day as a Black man in America” is a cop out excuse that is only acceptable because the leftist “leaders” have made it easy to feel sorry for yourself because you are Black, and for what? To manipulate you and use you for their power base that’s why. Have the ghettos improved since Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered? The answer is an emphatic no! Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have lied. The Black community has suffered tremendously under their leadership. From Black families, to Black neighborhoods, to Black school performance, to Black crime rates, everything has gotten worse following these frauds and their ideology of hate and dependence. Black people that do not follow this ideology are ridiculed. They are called terrible names like “uncle tom” and “house negro”. If that is not racist I don’t know what is. Blacks must get rid of the left and embrace Conservatism in order to stop the endless cycles of poverty and crime.

It is sad to think of the hate these people have stirred. They should have been preaching that Black people have overcome the worst hardships ever, from slavery, to poll taxes, to Jim Crow, and have survived to flourish. They should be saying that overcoming these hardships proves Black people can do anything, physically and mentally. They should preach that Black children are just as good in school as any other ethnic group and demand that Black children prove it. They should be preaching that Black people can compete with anyone doing anything, because they can. They should preach that their ancestry worked so hard to get them the freedoms and opportunities they have that it is a disgrace to be dependent on a government handout. It really is below Black people to be in the state they are, but until they throw off the slavery of government dependence, and the unending faith in the left, nothing will change.

I am not trying to stir emotion, I simply want a truly honest discussion. A discussion where someone ends up being labeled a racist is not a productive discussion. Emotional people on the left cannot have a face to face discussion on subject matter because they let emotions ruin it and close their minds. Being the Conservative that I am, I have spent alot of years thinking about this subject and I am convinced that all problems that people have in society are rooted in basic insecurity. Insecurity leads to fear, fear leads to anger, and anger leads to violence. Racists are insecure. When you hate someone because of the color of their skin, you cannot appreciate another life, or your own. You are constantly worried someone is going to take something from you, or get over on you. I can’t imagine living like that. Everyone is special in their own way, and all of us were put here to do the best with our God given abilities. The waste is not finding those abilities and contributing to the betterment of all mankind.

Black people do not realize that blind faith in Obama is going to subject them to the same socialist nightmare as the rest of us. Why more Black people are not angry with him robbing them of their chance to make it in a free market and be able to achieve all they can achieve, I don’t know. The more time goes on and Black people realize that White people are not an entire race against them and that it is not ok to use race as a way of achieving political goals, the better off we all will be in America. Remember also that the insatiable thirst for power, and bigotry, are fruit from the same rotten tree called insecurity. Never be insecure, and always be proud of who you are. Treat others like they have the same worth as you and racism will be an afterthought of history.

Our job as Conservatives is to spread the word and prove to insecure people that self confidence is the better way to go about life. To me we are all brothers and sisters in America. Don’t ever give racists time out of your life, no matter their color. They don’t deserve it. Life was meant to be happy, and spending one second hating, is a second you will never ever be able to spend being happy. Try to leave the world a little better before you leave it regardless of what race you are, because according to the man upstairs we are all the human race.

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