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New Feminism in China Young Middle-Class Chinese Women in Shanghai

Jiaran Zheng

This book is based on rich empirical data and findings concerning the lives, perceptions and ambitions of young middle-class female graduates, thus providing essential insights into the lives and viewpoints of a previously unresearched group in China from a feminist scholarly perspective. The study shows how the lives of young women and debates over youthful femininity lie at the very heart of modern Chinese history and society. With a central focus on women’s issues, the book’s ultimate goal is to enable Western readers to better understand the changing ideologies and the overall social domain of China under the leadership of President Xi. The empirical data presented includes interviews and group discussions, as well as illustrations, tables and images collected during a prolonged period of fieldwork. The insights shared here will facilitate cross-cultural communication with both Western feminist academics and readers who are sensitive to different cultures.



In addition:

Critical review of Western feminist theories’ impact on Chinese women’s liberation and development

A project goal
1. critically review Western feminist theories, especially the third wave and the global impact;
2. examine Marxist feminist theory in China and Chinese women’s liberation and development practice in contemporary times


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