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Lying Is The Leftist Way But Now It’s Funny

Michael Spence

Have you ever run into the little kid that does something right in front of you, but will lie until the sun goes down denying it? Somehow in their mind the rationale is that if they keep lying somehow people will begin to believe them. Amazing huh? The last couple of weeks have been fun for me. I get to see politicians and other leftist supporters of the current regime lie straight out to their constituents or customers and then get laughed at and heckled. It’s amazing how someone could say something one day then the next day in another forum or to a different crowd say something the exact opposite.

Obama himself has been heard all week on audio clips of past events saying he wants a “single payer” system, then the other day says exactly the opposite. He is lying and doesn’t care. It’s laughable if not just sad. The joke is on the leftists though, we know their playbook and we are not falling for it anymore. The American people are waking up and there is going to be a ballot box rebellion in 2010. It’s even funnier that they are stunned, they cannot believe that they are being called out. For years they have had their way. The mainstream media has been cheerleading all the way, but they are also getting their just due with all time low ratings.

Americans have been apathetic for years, rocked to sleep by a great economy, lots of opportunity, money, vacations and great health care. While others around the world are trying to get here, risking life and limb, we have enjoyed the most quality lifestyle that has ever been known on earth. Our so called poor live better than the upper class in alot of countries. Not having to worry about thieves stealing your liberty is a luxury, unfortunately that time is over. We have always known that politicians were crooked, not all of them, and not all to the same degree, but they never tried to hurt us and take our liberty like this, with the arrogance of monarchs. We have the best country in the world, why turn it upside down? Power is the only answer for this. The politicians we have in Washington now, have a totalitarian socialist/communist one world government vision. This fact, is the reason why it is justified in their minds to lie, cheat, or steal to accomplish their goals. The means are justified by the end result.

The really funny aspect to this is that it all reminds me of something out of an old “Pink Panther” movie. The leftists are running around trying to convince you they aren’t doing what they are obviously doing right in front of you. The AARP was a huge laugh this week. You had a lawyer for the AARP telling FOXNews that they were not endorsing any bill, then you had members getting letters from AARP offices telling them to go and campaign for Obama’s plan. I guess AARP has lost 60,000 members due to their support for Obamacare. That is what happens when leftists snake their way into your organization then rot it from the inside out. The end of the AARP will come now that there is an alternative called the American Seniors Association.

This is happening in all aspects of the life. The good part of this leftist created crisis is that the resulting behavior of the democrats is going to finally brand the democrat party for what it is now, a socialist/communist party. Why any red-blooded freedom loving American would ever vote for them again I’ll never know. I don’t like people lying to me and especially don’t like people lying to me then calling me names and making me pay for them to live the life of a King or Queen. Change is indeed coming and “Judgment Day” is coming for the liars in Washington.


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