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IWC Notes

Class Line
No. 4 — Winter-Spring 2000


Comrades of the Marxist Workers’ Group (MWG) are continuing to consolidate themselves, concentrating on educational work and political development. The MWG was able to make some significant links with working-class militants in the city of Bradford. The interaction between the MWG and these militants in Bradford will enrich the experience of this young organization and give them skills needed to carry out their work.

Future work for the MWG includes the publication of the first issue of their newspaper, Leeds Worker, as well as public educational meetings on Marxism.

East Timor

The ongoing crisis and turmoil in Indonesia and East Timor has allowed for some small opportunities for the comrades of the Aliansi Buruh Sosialis (ABS, Socialist Workers’ Association). The ABS has made gains in organizing Timorese workers, including those sections that migrate from island to island. Also, the comrades of the ABS have been able to garner some success in winning over youth from the Partai Rakyat Demokrasi (PRD, People’s Democracy Party).

Recently, the ABS has been participating in mass demonstrations of unemployed workers demanding jobs. Their organizing has brought them into direct conflict with the United Nations occupation forces. Demanding “jobs for all,” the ABS is strengthening its base among the most politically advanced elements of the Timorese working class.


The Marxilainen Oppositio (MO, Marxist Opposition) is continuing its struggle for Bolshevism inside the Sosialistiliitto (SL, Socialist League). The MO was being threatened with expulsion by the leadership of the SL, which has been attempting to move the organization closer to the International Socialist Tendency of Tony Cliff. But they were forced to back away from this threat.

This breathing space has allowed the MO to advance organizationally, including the recruitment of working class youth from the SL in Porvoo, an industrial city northeast of Helsinki. The MO has continued to make links with proletarian forces in the Finnish Communist Party. Comrades of the MO have also been involved in meetings and discussions with left and working class forces in other countries, including Sweden and Russia.

United States

Comrades of the Marxist Workers’ Group (MWG) have been very successful in drawing a group of young workers closer to the organization. The MWG has played an instrumental role in building Workers United, an integrated group of young, predominately women, workers who are fighting around such issues as freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal, police brutality, and the rights of the working class. Many members of Workers United have recently decided to participate in the IWC’s International School of Marxism. They will be participating in a class on basic Marxism with the MWG, supplemented by discussions with international comrades who will be holding similar classes in their countries.

Supporters of the MWG have been heavily involved in activity at their worksites, as well as intervening in strikes and workers’ actions where possible. During the recent Detroit teachers’ strike, the MWG helped to build a labor/community coalition to build support. We were able to build a small but spirited contingent to march in the Labor Day parade with the union contingent.


In the aftermath of the NATO bombing of Yugoslav cities, most workers are at the moment concentrating on the necessities of life. In spite of all these challenges, the comrades of Crveni Kriticar(CK, Red Critique) are continuing to develop themselves into a viable alternative. The first, underground edition of Crveni Kriticar was distributed recently, as well as a few copies of the MWG’sClass Line.

In the coming months, the comrades of the CK hope to consolidate their gains and regularize the publication of their newsletter and begin working on a Serbo-Croatian edition of Class Line.

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