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Hypocrisy In War

Michael Spence

Let’s go and get into the way back machine, say 2004. What was the buzz going on in the main stream media and the constant drum beat from the leftist minority in this country? The war in Iraq wasn’t it? I remember hearing Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the lunatic fringe crying “no blood for oil” and “Bush lied people died”. Now you hear none of that. In fact I haven’t seen a leftist anti-war nut in months, maybe years. I wonder why. It can’t be because we are no longer at war. Both Iraq and Afghanistan are still going on. In fact 4 or 5 soldiers died the other day in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan. Where is the leftist outcry for them? There isn’t any outcry because the left hates the military. They still hate the wars going on but they aren’t going to go against their savior. The anointed one himself, Barack Obama.

I remember hearing from pundits that President Bush would be judged on the outcome of the Iraq war. Well I am still waiting for the critique. It seems to me that Iraq has turned out pretty well. There is actually a democratic government there and although it will take time for their police and military to be up to the American standard, they are not doing too bad. Iraqi’s are very happy with liberty and will be an ally of ours instead of an enemy. There were some hard times in Iraq when terrorists were determined to Vietnam us. But that didn’t happen because we had a President that didn’t have a noodle for a spine like Johnson in Vietnam. Bush took the fight to the enemy and killed them. Now they no longer fight us, imagine that.

The “surge” in Iraq, which was highly criticized by morons like Senator Harry Reid and John Murtha succeeded brilliantly, and was the final hump to victory. What ever happened to the dead soldier count that the New York Times and other leftist media outlets pushed in our faces for years? They are magically gone now that Barrack Obama is President. Just the other day there was a big ceremony for the pull back of American troops from Iraqi cities and Barack Obama had the gall to praise the effort. He was one of the morons in the Senate that wanted to pull out as soon as the fighting started. The effort in Iraq will go down in history as one of the greatest liberations from tyranny ever. Iraqi’s will have President Bush in their hearts for generations. It wouldn’t have happened if the leftists would have had their way.

You cannot trust leftists and their rants because they don’t care about the soldiers, they could care less about the Iraqi’s and their freedom. They only protested because they wanted to defeat the Republican Congress and President Bush. Leftists only care about a one government world and hate America and everything it stands for. They are emotional drones for an ideology that has never worked and never will. It is amazing to Americans like me that another person born and raised in America could hate it, the most benevolent country to ever exist. Most Americans love our troops and want us to win. Leftists are just the opposite despite their lies. Leftists are hypocrites in every aspect, not just war


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