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Financial appeal for Timor Marxists

The struggle for independence and workers’ power in East Timor is at a critical stage.

With the deepening imperialist occupation of the island country and the capitulation of the nationalist government of Xanana Gusmão, the need to support and develop the Marxist movement takes on an added priority.

In East Timor, the Aliansi Buruh Sosialis/Associação Trabalhadores Socialista (Socialist Workers’ Association), Timorese section of the International Workers’ Committee, is the only organization that opposes the imperialists and the Gusmão regime on a proletarian internationalist basis.

As a small organization, composed of some of the poorest sectors of the South Asian working class, the comrades of the ABS/ATS face an uphill battle to organize workers independently and in defense of their own interests.

This struggle not only requires a Marxist program and proletarian leadership, it also requires financial support by internationalists around the world.

The International Workers’ Committee is launching an international financial campaign to raise the funds needed to expand the work of our comrades in East Timor.

The goal in this campaign has been set at US$4,500.

We appeal to all those who oppose the imperialist intervention in East Timor, and support the struggle for an independent workers’ Timor, to contribute to the international financial campaign in support of the ABS/ATS.

Any contribution, no matter how small or how large, is welcome.

International Secretariat,
International Workers’ Committee

Financial contributions can be sent to:

N. & S. America:IWC c/o MWG
P.O. Box 19221
Detroit, MI 48219

Make checks and money orders payable to “New Pioneer,” and earmarked “ABS/ATS.”

Europe & Africa:IWC c/o MO
PL 577
90101 Oulu

Make checks and money orders payable to “Työväen ääni” and earmarked “ABS/ATS.”

Asia & Australia:IWC c/o ABST
Jl. Cempaka Putih Barat
No. H13, Jakarta Pusat

Make checks and money orders payable to “Jose Dos Santos” and earmarked “ABS/ATS.”

International Workers’ Committee
P.O. Box 19221, Detroit, MI 48219-0221, USA
Phone/Fax: 1-877-657-4869
IWC@marxistworker.org • ICQ: 44316978 • AOL IM: IWC1917


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