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Checks And Balances

Michael Spence

I love our founding documents, they are the foundation for everything we are and everything we have accomplished. Their basic principles of governance and the restrictions placed on government are clear and everything in them translates to today. The triumvirate government is supposed to be a checks and balance system when the rules are followed. There is one problem however, the Supreme Court cannot be vetoed or overturned. If a court of activist Justices refuse to follow the guidelines of the Constitution there is not much recourse. Thankfully there is not a majority of activists on the Supreme Court at the present time but that could change quickly.

Of course leftists want to twist meanings in the Constitution and break them, and they would get away with it if they were not challenged. Herein lies the problem. Too many times leftist lawmakers create unconstitutional law in the majority and therefore are not challenged. These laws can remain for years, violating rights protected in the Constitution. The Washington D.C. district gun ban which was a city law was in place for 30 plus years before someone challenged it all the way to the Supreme Court. For 30 years the people of D.C. had their rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, taken away. To me this is criminal. Every law passed by cities, counties, states or Congress should have to go through the filter of the Constitution but they don’t.

I want someone to show me where in the Constitution it says that the government can take over private companies. Taking over Chrysler and GM was unconstitutional, plain and simple. The government stole property from every one of the stockholders. It doesn’t matter that the two were headed toward bankruptcy. They both ended up that way anyway but the government dictated who was going to get the assets. There is something monumentally wrong with this. Where are the checks and balances for this?
Where in the Constitution does it say the government is to provide free government paid schooling, or government paid health care? There is no where in the founding documents that gives them the power to do these things. It’s all about power. The more they take from the states the more they have for themselves.

The insidious nature of an ever encroaching government on our personal lives is obvious to everyone when they retire and depend on social security, and to alot of people, medicare as well. Social Security is unconstitutional, the government has no right to take your money in order to save it for you or save you from yourself and your irresponsible need to spend it. When laws are passed to save you from yourself you must not let them stand. The leftists always talk about “Choice” but that is only when it comes to abortion. Everything else they believe in is to control you. The left is diametrically opposed to everything that is right and just. There must be a system where legislation like Social Security and gun bans would not make it on the basis of Constitutionality.

Our mission is to teach people that leftists are not here to be the other voice, they are not ever going to compromise. They go on and on generation after generation trying to tear the Constitution to pieces. They will not stop, ever. Therefore we must make sure that people are still here to combat this, and that laws are passed to restrict the federal government from stripping us of our Constitutional freedoms in a rushed vote. We also need to pass an amendment where 2/3rds or 3/4ths of Congress can overturn a Supreme Court debacle. Maybe if that had been the case Dredd Scott would have been a free man. Supreme Court appointments are for life and that can be a long time with an activist court taking your freedoms by ignoring the Constitution. All of the three branches must be held accountable.


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